• Proofing Machine

Proofing Machine

Machine speed / 20-90 m/min
Product Model / HWP

100% made in Taiwan
Engravers & Packaging printers

Product Content

Rotogravure cylinder proofing machine

Check cylinder engraving quality.

Production press simulation for samples.


 Machine Width

1300 mm

 Cylinder Diameter

120 ~ 300 mm

 Length of Printing

2500 mm

Machine Width
1300 mm

Cylinder Diameter
120 300 mm

Length of Printing
2500 mm


Rotogravure cylinder proofing machine
BOPP, PET, CPP, Nylon, PVC/ PET shrinkable, PE ,PP


Rotogravure cylinder proofing machine
•    Proofing & sampling for engravurers and packaging printing

•    Offer samples for customer variety before mass production

•    Proofing Machine for Rotogravurer Printing Cylinder

•    Check cylinder engraving quality including the accuracy of text, colors and ink standard 

•    Production press simulation for samples with different colors offers variety for customers

Suitable Industrial

  • Flexible packaging industry
    It is using our daily life. Suitable for foods packaging company, daily fresh food packaging company, folding corrugated carton company and pharmaceutical company.
  • Shrink sleeve industry
    For decoration bottles, glasses and cans, shrink sleeve applicators are shrink sleeves. Whether you want to package cosmetics, food stuffs or drinks for standard packaging. You want your product to reach the customer without being tampered with in between for product protection sleeve.
  • Optical-electronics industry
    Computer related 3C product and packaging. Such as, notebook cover, ribbon for dye sublimation printers, electric vehicle battery and Lithium-lon battery application (Lithium battery pole piece. Anode(positive) /Cathode(negative) electrode slurry coating).
  • Transfer products
    Car, airplane accessories, house architecture, camouflages purpose. It can make your life colorful as pretty as wish.

HSING WEI MACHINE is Rotogravure Cylinder Proofing Machine Supplier more than 40 years. Professional manufacturing of Rotogravure Cylinder Proofing Machine. Offers Less waste, More profits, Good quality during printing to customers. Our Rotogravure Cylinder Proofing Machine have been widely promoted to overseas markets. Rotogravure Cylinder Proofing Machine is 100% made in Taiwan.

Rotogravure Cylinder Proofing Material: BOPP, PET, CPP, Nylon, PVC/ PET shrinkable, PE ,PP
Rotogravure Cylinder Proofing Machine Width: 1300 mm

Rotogravure Cylinder Proofing Cylinder Diameter: 120 ~ 300 mm
Rotogravure Cylinder Proofing Length of Printing: 2500 mm

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