• Rotogravure Printing Machine
  • Rotogravure Printing Machine
  • Rotogravure Printing Machine
  • Rotogravure Printing Machine
  • Rotogravure Printing Machine
  • Rotogravure Printing Machine

Rotogravure Printing Machine

Machine speed / 220 m/min
Product Model / HWA

100% made in Taiwan
◎ Faster & easy set up time initially
◎ Minimum Waste
◎ Increase production capacity

Product Content



 Max Width Printing Material

1000mm / 1200mm / 1500mm

 Max Width of Gravure Cylinder

1050mm / 1250mm / 1550mm

 Diameter of Gravure Cylinder

Ø135mm ~ Ø285mm

 Printing Cylinder Circumference

424mm ~ 895mm

 Max Diameter of Material

Ø700 mm

 Width of Guide Roller

1100mm / 1300mm / 1600mm

Max Width Printing Material
1000mm /1200mm /1500mm

Max Width of Gravure Cylinder
1050mm /1250mm /1550mm

Diameter of Gravure Cylinder
Ø135mm~ Ø285mm

Printing Cylinder Circumference
424mm – 895mm

Max Diameter of Material
Ø700 mm

Width of Guide Roller
1100mm / 1300mm / 1600mm

How Rotogravure work

  • 1
    Unwind Unit

    Unwind Unit

    Automatic calculate reel diameter and splice device

  • 2
    Infeed Unit

    Infeed Unit

    Human machine interface touch screen panel

  • 3
    Printing Unit

    Printing Unit

    Ink furnishing roller for high speed purpose

  • 4
    Outfeed Unit

    Outfeed Unit

    Both direction of inspection board

  • 5
    Rewind Unit

    Rewind Unit

    Lay-on rollers for better winding condition


BOPP, PET, CPP, Nylon, PVC shrink, PET shrinkable, PE ,PP, PVA, Paper


• Faster & easy set up 

• Minimum wastage

• New type doctor system in good stability

• New dry chamber can reduce the residual impregnate efficiently 

• Increase production capacity

Flow Chart

Optional Features

-  Ink circulation pump

Ink viscosity controller

- Turn bar system for reverse printing 

ARC (Auto register controller)

- Web video inspecation system

- Exhaust motor

- Exhaust duct

- Pre-heat dry chamber

- Electrostatic assist system (ESA)

Suitable Industrial

Flexible packaging industry

It is using our daily life. Suitable for foods packaging company, daily fresh food packaging company, folding corrugate carton company and pharmaceutical company.

Shrink sleeve industry

For decoration bottles, glasses and cans, shrink sleeve applicators are shrink sleeves. Whether you want to package cosmetics, food stuffs or drinks for standard packaging. You want your product to reach the customer without being tampered with in between for product protection sleeve.

Optical-electronics industry

Computer related 3C product and packaging. Such as, notebook cover, ribbon for dye sublimation printers.

Transfer products

Car, airplane accessories, house architecture, camouflages purpose. It can make your life colorful as pretty as wish.

Hsing Wei Machine Advantage

  • Japanese Technology
    Collaboration of Japanese technology.
    You can get Japanese quality through Hsing Wei Machine
  • Fast Job Change Over
    Design is based on short run jobs / middle run jobs with faster change over
  • Less Wastage
    Initial set up time & splicing wastage is less. Have you ever kept records on the wastage created from the rotogravure printing machine that you are using? How much "un-necessary" wastage is created on a daily basis? And if you add up all these daily wastages over 20 years, considering the life time of the machine, what would the total be? Many little drops make an ocean
  • Critical Film Print
    Hsing Wei Machine Industry has successfully tested on critical film experience using our machines without any dissatisfaction, and it was tested with printing in the presence of the customer. Such as, 4.6 micron of PET, Breathable film, up to 2000mm width PE, Nylon, OPS, POF…ect
  • Quality Control
    In house quality control printing test before shipment

Why Choose Hsing Wei Machine Industry?

  • Joint Venture Japan
    Our standard has met the Japanese market
  • Critical Film Print
    We had successfully tested on critical film experience using our machines, Such as, 4.6 micron of PET
  • Over 40 Years Of Experience
    Hsing Wei Machine Industry was founded in 1979 with almost 40 years of experience in the rotogravure industry field
  • User Friendly
    Simple to operate machine. Within a short period of time operators can easily operate machinery
  • Total Solution
    Customized for special projects & finds suitable solutions for you. We customize the machine to fit your needs
  • Global Market
    Global presence in more than 70 countries worldwide

HSING WEI supply 10 color Rotogravure Printing Machine, 11 color Rotogravure Printing Machine, 12 color Rotogravure Printing Machine over 40 years in Taiwan. Rotogravure Printing Machine Faster & easy set up time initially. Rotogravure Printing Machine Increase production capacity.

Rotogravure Printing Machine Max Width Printing Material: 
1000mm / 1200mm / 1500mm
Rotogravure Printing Machine Max Width of Gravure Cylinder: 1050mm / 1250mm / 1550mm

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