Together we can fight and defeat COVID-19

Together we can fight and defeat COVID-19


During this COVID-19, first, customers can not visit our company.

Second, we cannot go oversea to installation after service.

We focus with customers is provide online machine test running.

The first test running for customers by video.

Because our machine must be unassembled, put in the containers.

So in the machine, we make many MARK on each machine connection area.

Also we take a picture by video to show the customers.

For customers to easy to assemble machine when the machine arrive customer’s side.

So this year we spent a lot of spirit, a lot of time focus on this issue.


Once COVID-19 finished, then we will arrange engineers to customers place for double checking.

During this year, due the recent pandemic most sectors of the economy has been suffering many

changes for one reason or another, the uncertainty of the future being one of the main reasons

for different industries to perceive a slow down on their yearly performance and investment.


For this reason, when final product manufacturers or International buyers are looking for a

Rotogravure machine supplier,come to mind, find a reliable, experienced and innovative partner,

if we talk about ROTOGRAVURE PRINTING PRESS Taiwanese manufacturers,

there is a company that we must keep in mind, this is HSING WEI MACHINE.




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