Nylon printing machine

Nylon printing machine


Hsing wei installed one more nylon printing machine.


The project enterprises was established in 1992,in printing & packaging industry for flexible packaging solutions.


Main producing lines are nylon daily product packaging,nylon food packaging, nylon pharmaceutical packaging.




Nylon film has extremely excellent characteristics,tensile strength, puncture strength,


nice oxygen barrier, high level to endure acid, alkali, oil and a variety of organic solvents,


high temperature resistance, anti-grind, excellent printing and lamination performance.


In recent years, market trends require higher quality on printing and packaging.


Thinner, lighter material, energy consumption reducing and recyclable.


For focusing on better quality to catch high standard project,customer decided to extended new facility


and meet Hsing Wei Machine for requiring nylon printing machine.




We recommend customer go for HWA Model rotogravure printing machine with 7 colors.


Superior performance, double tension dancer rollers are applied to the infeed and outfeed stations to minimize tension fluctuation and assure printing consistency.


 It is able to remove tension from the process of printing on thin,

flexible plastics and stretching and blowing film, while the ASAR system ensures minimal wastage. 




Just in a very short time after Hsing Wei nylon printing machine installed,


customer inform that machine is efficient and intelligent, wastage is minimized,


and printing quality is significant superior.



They win lots of overseas orders on hands.


It’s really honor and congratulation! 




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