In mold labeling (IML) printing machine

In mold labeling  (IML) printing machine


Founded in 2003, the project enterprise is a flexible packaging converter, specializing in In-mold labeling printing items, such as IML Beverage labels, IML food labels, IML household product labels, IML wine labels, IML spirit labels, IML store brand labels, and other commercial prints.





In-mold labeling is a pre-decorating method that embeds the label into the wall of the container during the molding process, saving the cost of extra labor and equipment. It is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world because of its great appearance, versatility and, resistance.


Labeling with IML film has become the favored labeling method of manufacturers across the world and is in full demand.


With over 10 years of experience in the IML printing industry,

the customer has built a business reputation based on high quality and high performances.


Earlier this September, the customer came to us and with the requirement of an in-mold labeling film printing machine capable of increasing production, and at the same time, promise high quality.


Business has been booming for the customer and needed a machine to cater to the rising demands.




The customer desired an in-mold labeling film printing machine with the proficiency of effectively delivering

higher precision and quality products to keep up with the ever rising demands of his business.

Having been on the search for some time now,the customer finally decided to settle on Hsing Wei Machinery.




We offered the customer the HWA rotogravure printing machine with eight colors.

It is capable of minimizing production wastage, producing high quality products with extremely stable performances in increased quantities.



The HWA has a high machine speed that increases production capacity; and a new dry chamber that can efficiently reduce ink residue,

resulting in stable and exquisite film production. All of the characteristics of our HWA rotogravure printing machine are capable of meeting our customers’ demands and even more.





To our delight, our customer is extremely satisfied with the HWA rotogravure printing machine,

and business continues to grow in his favor.


We are delighted to have assisted him by providing what

he was looking for, and continue to improve to meet the rising demands of the market.





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