Rotogravure press industrial symposium succeed !

Rotogravure press industrial symposium success!


The Industrial Symposium is held at Hsing Wei Machinery




Agenda includes industry overview, knowledge exchange,

and rotogravure press project discussion session.


Participants are engineers from the printing industry, sharing knowledge to



integrate towards the rotogravure press key machines’ construction,such as


cylinder, doctor blade, roller, dryer, ARC system(auto register controller),


ELS(electronic line shaft rotogravure printing machine),


MLS,(Mechanical line shaft rotogravure printing shaft)


substrate(BOPP, PVC shrink, PE, PET, CPP, Paper, Nylon),


analysis and trouble shooting and discussions on ongoing projects for


Hsing Wei’s new rotogravure machine design.



Hsing Wei Machine Taiwan benefitted tremendous amounts of advice from the symposium.


Let’s look forward to the new rotogravure machine that will be launching for Hsing Wei Machine. 



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