How to protect engraving cylinder against mechanical damage?

How to protect engraving cylinder against mechanical damage?



 Armatif Gravür Sistemleri gives some helpful and practical hints on how to protect gravure cylinders against mechanical damage (Source: Armatif Gravür Sistemleri)


Armatif Gravure Systems, a Turkish manufacturer of gravure printing cylinders, gives some helpful and practical hints how to protect the cylinders against mechanical damage:

  • Secure Location: Place the engraving cylinder in a secure and controlled environment. Consider using a locked room or a dedicated storage area with restricted access to authorized personnel only
  • Protective Covering: Use a protective covering or case specifically designed for the cylinder. This will shield it from dust, dirt, and potential physical damage
  • Shock Absorption: Install shock-absorbing materials around the cylinder or on its surface. This can help dampen the impact of any external force or vibration that could potentially harm the delicate engravings
  • Proper Handling: Train personnel on the correct handling procedures for the cylinder. Emphasize the importance of careful and gentle handling to prevent accidental drops or impacts
  • Regular Maintenance: Implement a routine maintenance schedule to inspect and clean the cylinder regularly. Address any signs of wear or damage promptly to avoid further issues
  • Employee Awareness: Educate employees about the significance of the engraving cylinder and the importance of its protection. Encourage a culture of responsibility and care within the workplace.


Contributed by von Ansgar Wessendorf, 16. August 2023

Sources: https://www.flexotiefdruck.de/gravure-global/how-to-protect-engraving-cylinder-against-mechanical-damage/?omhide=true&utm_source=gravureglobal_weekly_nl&utm_campaign=A_farwell_to_a_long_term_partner_and_new_equipment_17082023&utm_medium=email

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