• Rotogravure Cylinder Proofing Machine

Rotogravure Cylinder Proofing Machine

Machine speed / 20-90 m/min
Product Model / HWP

100% made in Taiwan
Engravers & Packaging printers

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Hsing Wei is a Rotogravure Cylinder Proofing Manufacturer, Rotogravure Cylinder Proofing Supplier, and specializes in Rotogravure Cylinder Proofing and related flexible packaging equipment with over 40 years’ experience on this field. Hsing Wei provides the latest technologies for Rotogravure Cylinder Proofing, turnkey equipment, manufacturing management, operation training and after sales service.

Rotogravure Cylinder Proofing Material: BOPP, PET, CPP, Nylon, PVC/ PET shrinkable, PE ,PP
Rotogravure Cylinder Proofing Machine Width: 1300 mm

Rotogravure Cylinder Proofing Cylinder Diameter: 120 ~ 300 mm
Rotogravure Cylinder Proofing Length of Printing: 2500 mm

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