What is flexible packaging application?

Everything which goes to in market to sell, needs packaging. The packaging should attend the buyer and also save the product in carrying, handling and transportation without a damage and deterioration.


Flexible packaging has vast field like


TEA PACKING : For tea packing that packaging materials substrate is chosen which save the flavor & aroma of the tea so that ultimately user gets original flavor of tea.


SNACK PACKING:For snack packing only that packing materials is selected which save the crispiness of snack and possesses aroma retention properties.


BARRIER PACKING:Barrier packaging needs the oxygen and moisture barrier, good sealing strength, and mechanical strength.
Thus special three-layers structure is provides for Barrier packing for such as meats.


VACUUM PACKING:5-layer multi-layer film and nylon (NY) film is use, which is having good sealing strength and burst strength.
This also applies for oil and pickle packaging.


PACKING FOR ELECTRONIC INDUSTRY:These packaging materials for electronic industry are designed for packaging products requiring electro-static discharge protection.
This packaging offer superior ESD protection for CNOS, MOS and other highly ESD sensitive components.

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