What is flexible packaging process?

What is flexible packaging process?

There are two major processes for conversion of flexible packaging material


1.  Artwork design & printing cylinder making

In this process artist prepare the artwork and choose color scheme for products as per design. You can choose 2 to 14 colors.
After selection of the color each printing cylinder are made for each color. Those printing cylinders are made by chemically & electronically as per design.

2. Conversion process 

In conversion there are four major processes

Rotogravure printing is now in the best in qualitative and quantitative production. In this category two type of printing are done on film as per merit.    
  1) Surface printing
--This type of printing is done on paper and opaque film.

  2) Reverse printing--
In reverse printing the printing is done on back side of the film. Mostly jobs are done in reverse printing because of its merit to save the printing from mutilation in handling and transportation. Basically films which are used in printing are Polyester(PET), Bio Axially-orientated  Polypropylene, (BOPP), Paper, Aluminium Foil, Polyethylene(PE), Cellulose films.

 (B) LAMINATION - In this process second subtract film is stuck with above process to the printed film by applying adhesive on the printed film.  

 (C) SLITTING - In these process accurate rolls are made and unwanted printing portion are trimmed out by means of automatic cutter blade, Slitter.

 (D) POUCH or BAG MAKING - Above silted rolls are fitted in Pouch or Bag making machine.By doing some settings for pouch dimension this pouch making machine start making pouches automatically and count them in line process.



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