Hsing Wei Machine Advantage

1. Japanese Technology

Collaboration of Japanese technology
You can get Japanese quality through Hsing Wei Machine.

2. Fast Job Change Over

Design is based on short run jobs / middle run jobs with faster change over.











3. Less Wastage

Initial set up time & splicing wastage is less.

Have you ever kept records on the wastage created from the rotogravure printing machine that you are using?

How much "un-necessary" wastage is created on a daily basis?

And if you add up all these daily wastages over 20 years, considering the life time of the machine, what would the total be? Many little drops make an ocean.











4. Critical Film Print

Hsing Wei Machine Industry has successfully tested on critical film experience using our machines without any dissatisfaction, and it was tested with printing in the presence of the customer.
Such as, 4.6 micron of PET, Breathable film, up to 2000mm width PE, Nylon, OPS, POF…ect.

5. Quality Control

 In house quality control printing test before shipment.


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