Used rotogravure printing machine


Used rotogravure printing machine / Second hand rotogravure printing machine 

Some customers consider used rotogravure printing machine for their initially project.


Here are disadvantages of used rotogravure printing machine (second hand rotogravure printing machine).


You might check again below factors before purchase used rotogravure printing machine.

Used rotogravure printing machine:

1.     Old technology


2.     Much more maintenance problem


3.     Need bigger machine space


4.     Spare parts maybe no more in the market, old parts spec is much more difficult to find.


5.     Who will support service ? Original gravure machine manufacturer, or second hands machine supplier ?


6.     USED Machine accuracy is great as new ?


7.     PLC programmer is slower


8.     Is user interface not friendly


9.     Job change over time more


10.   Wastage more


11.   USED Machine is not customized for your project



Factors you might consider go for brand NEW rotogravure printing press.

1.     New technology


2.     Less maintenance problem


3.     Machine space might reduce


4.     Spart part is up-to-date


5.     Directly contact with machine manufacturer, no need to worry about after service


6.     Machine is more accuracy


7.     PLC programmer is faster


8.    User interface friendly (save time)


9.     Job change over time less (save time)


10.    Wastage less


11.   Completely 100% customized machine


Used rotogravure printing machine vs brand NEW rotogravure printing press?



No matter brand new or used rotogravure printing machine(second hand rotogravure printing machine), most important thing  is how you can recover machine cost in short time.


And multiple into 20 years as considering the life time of the machine.

What would be the total number of it ??


Hsing Wei provide new technology ensure customers can save wastage and time for long term use.

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HSING WEI MACHINE supply second hand rotogravure printing press, used rotogravure printing press machine over 40 years. Professional manufacturing of second hand rotogravure printing press, used rotogravure printing press machine. Offers Less waste, More profits, Good quality during printing to customers.Our second hand rotogravure printing press, used rotogravure printing press machine, rotogravure printing equipment used have been widely promoted to overseas markets.


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