Hsing Wei Machine company pronounce

Hsing Wei Machine (Chinese: 信偉機械), with over 40 years experience on rotogravure industry. Just ship to Taichung City Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park since 2016.

In Taichung Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park you will find out many famous global company set up headquarter there.

Such as, Hiwin (Chinese:上銀科技),for Ballscrews & linear guideway export.

LARGAN Precision(Chinese:大立光電), one of the world's major players in plastic aspherical lens design and production, such as, lens for mobile phone, NB/laptops, tablets, automobiles, and digital cameras (DSC)


Hsing Wei Machine company name in Arabia language used to pronounce


H shingwei, or .H shingwei, Hesing wei, shing wei is incorrect pronounce.

Actually correct pronounce is call shin wei.

Some customers use abbreviation shingwei into HW.

When you see Hsing Wei Machine next time, you will know how to pronounce Hsing Wei in correct pronounce. 


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