How about services philosophy of Hsing Wei Machine ?

Services philosophy of Hsing Wei Machine


Client orientation

Hsing Wei Machine provide total solution to make sure every specification is matching client’s demand.

Client will understand how much to invest, and how fast to recover machine cost.

All machines are customized and made in Taiwan.   




Improvement mentor

Hsing Wei Machine is here to guide client the right way for saving lots of time and unnecessary cost.

Hsing Wei Machine don't just simple sell machine but also advise our client on our experience.

Helping client to save unnecessary cost is the best terminology of Hsing Wei Machine.



Well preparation

Before our engineers start off for installation, we will send preparation check lists for client checking,

which is great short installation working time.



Our educational engineer will impart knowledge and skill to train operators how to set up correct parameter

and trouble shooting for operating machine precise and producing faster.


Spare parts

Hsing Wei Machine provides international standard parts.

Better quality, longer life cycle, more easy to find from market that save lots of time and freight charge.





Hsing Wei Machine provides guidelines for regular maintains keeping machine at optimum performance.



From new location decision, moving route planning, dis-mantle machine, moving,reassembling at new location,

Hsing Wei Machine provides complete package of measures to accelerate reinstallation process,assisting client to start production in a short time


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