What is PP film

PP film


PP – Polypropylene (PP) film also known as polypropene is a thermoplastic polymer film used in a wide variety of applications such as packaging or labeling.


PP is the preferred polymer in the packaging industry.



The production of PP film can be processed in a number of ways, but the main attributes of the pp resin remain.


PP film can be used in a wide array of applications such as cast film, BOPP general packaging film and BOPP capacitor film.




Advantages of PP film


l   PP film has great chemical and moisture resistance


l  PP film has distinguished mechanical properties


l  PP film has excellent oxygen and moisture durability and sealing characteristics


l  Attributes of PP film remain after processing into cast film or BOPP / BOPP




Hsing Wei’s rotogravure printing machines are fully compatible with PP film materials.


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