What is PET shrink film

PET shrink film



What is PET shrink film?



PET Shrink film - Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) Shrink film combines high density and strength into a high quality option.


PET Shrink film is the best scuff resistance Shrink film with heat resistance options, very high gloss percentage and the best shrinkage performance.


PET Shrink film has a higher shrink percentage then the PVC shrink film and the OPS shrink film.


Over the years PET Shrink film has become more popular, mainly due to the fact that they are recyclable, eco-friendly and pasturable.


But because of these advantages of the PET shrink film, it is also the most costly of all the shrink films.



Applications for PET shrink film

l   PET shrink film for food packaging

l   PET shrink film for industrial packaging

l   PET shrink film for usual shaped containers

l   PET shrink film for premium products

l   PET shrink film for medical packaging


Hsing Wei’s rotogravure printing machines are fully compatible with PET shrink materials.


We have over 40 years of expertise in the printing industry, and are eager to help in any possible way!


For more information regarding PET shrink rotogravure printing machines, please contact us at sales@hsingwei.com.


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