What is Nylon film

Nylon film


Nylon (NY) - Polyamide resins has a very high melting point and has excellent clarity and abrasion resistance.



Nylon-6 and Nylon-66 are used to create Nylon films.


Nylon-66 has a much higher melting point and temperature resistance, but Nylon-6 is easier to process, and it is cheaper.


Both nylon films are excellent oxygen and aroma barriers, and are primary used for food packaging such as meat wrappings or sausage sheaths.


The high temperature resistance of the nylon film makes it useful for oven bags and other heat resistance requirements.   



Applications for Nylon film printing


l   Nylon film printing for food packaging





l  Nylon film printing for industrial packaging




l   Nylon film printing for medical packaging




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