What is PLA shrink film

PLA shrink film



PLA shrink film – Polylactide (PLA) Shrink film is a recyclable high performance shrink film that is able to envelope products in top-quality color and graphics for self-presence.


But what makes PLA shrink film stand out is its fully compostable corn and starch based natural alternative to traditional plastic derived from fossil fuels.


PLA shrink film allows companies to have a clean nature-based option to decorate products with.




Advantages of PLA shrink film


  • PLA shrink film has excellent gloss and clarity with a natural surface that readily accepts printing.


  • PLA shrink film has great shrink ratio that ensures the ability to cover almost any shape of the container.


  • PLA shrink film has good abrasion resistance and stability over a wide temperature range


  • PLA shrink film is breathable and has a high water transmission rate that eliminates moisture.


  • PLA shrink film is recyclable and fully compostable in industrial facilities.



Hsing Wei’s rotogravure printing machines are fully compatible with PLA shrink materials.


We have over 40 years of expertise in the printing industry, and are eager to help in any possible way!


For more information regarding PLA shrink rotogravure printing machines, please contact us at sales@hsingwei.com.



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