What is PET film

What is PET film

PET – polyester terephthalate film is a thermoplastic polymer often referred to as polyester film.


PET films can be biaxially extruded or “bubble extruded” like most thermoplastics into BOPET.


PET film has relatively balanced properties compared to other thermoplastic polymers.



Advantages of PET film

PET film is a hard, stiff, strong and dimensionally stable material. It absorbs very little water, has good chemical resistance.


PET film can be highly transparent and colorless, but thicker sections are usually opaque or off-white. PET film does not however, provide resistance to high temperature applications.


Maximum temperature is 71 °C (160 °F)


Application for PET films


  • PET films for industrial and specialties: adhesive tapes, plastic cards and other miscellaneous uses.


  • PET films for food packaging: general use, flexible pouches, peel-able lids etc.


  • PET films for Electrical applications: flexible circuit films, fiber lamination etc.


  • PET films for imaging: X-ray films, instant photos etc.






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