What is OPS Shrink film?

OPS Shrink film


What is OPS Shrink Film?


OPS Shrink film or Oriented Polystyrene (OPS) shrink film is made by blending commodity styrene resins with specialized additives.


OPS shrink film is more cost competitive than PET, and features the lowest vertical shrink, accounting to the consistent finish in packaging.


Another advantage of the OPS shrink film is the gentle sloping shrink curve that it has, allowing smoother transition into contoured shapes.


The OPS shrink film is perceived to be environmentally friendly without giving off any odor or noxious gas and has excellent transparency, gloss and sparkle.


This makes OPS shrink film the current dominant shrink film choice in Japan and continues to grow in acceptance across Europe.





Applications for OPS shrink film

l   OPS shrink film for biscuit roll packs

l   OPS shrink film for multipack packaging

l   OPS shrink film for stacked packaging

l   OPS shrink film for side packaging

l   OPS shrink film for contoured shapes

l   OPS shrink film for food packaging


Hsing Wei’s rotogravure printing machines are fully compatible with OPS shrink materials.


We have over 40 years of expertise in the printing industry, and are eager to help in any possible way!


For more information regarding OPS shrink rotogravure printing machines, please contact us at sales@hsingwei.com.



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