PP / CPP / NYLON rotogravure printing press

PP / CPP / NYLON film is also stretchable 


PP Rotogravure Printing Press

PP film,Un-oriented film is soft and clear but brittle at low temperatures. This property as well as stiffness, strength and clarity are improved by orientation.



CPP Rotogravure Printing Press

CPP film,Casting Polypropylene film, is a kind of un-oriented film. Compared with BOPP, it has the property of superexcellent flexibility and high sealing strength.


It can be sanitized with high temperatures for longer storage periods.


It is mainly used for the packaging of dry fruit, sea food, salted meat products, fruit jam and others to keep these foods fresh for longer periods of time.


The PP film and CPP films are smaller proportioned, but with the improved quality of PP resin, and the improvement of device performance and processing capabilities, the CPP and BOPP film performance gap is gradually narrowing.


Likewise, due to the packaging and development of it, such as in the direction of packaging personal use small bags, convenience and freshness, CPP film is more conducive to a wide range of applications and development.




Nylon Rotogravure Printing Press

Nylon (NY), Polyamide resins, with very high melting points, excellent clarity and stiffness. Two types are used for films - nylon-6 and nylon-66. The latter has a much higher melting temperature, thus better temperature resistance, but the former is easier to process, and it is cheaper. Both have good oxygen and aroma barrier properties, but they do not perform as well as with water vapor. 


Critical films for PP/ CPP/NYLON film in printing industry.



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