What is the rotogravure printing presses?

What is the rotogravure printing presses?


The advantage of the rotogravure printing presses is that it lays down a high quantity of ink; which ultimately results in a high quality, sharp, fine image. rotogravure printing presses’s high image qualities are due to the excellent density, gradation control and metallic ink appearance that gravure printing supports.


It is a machine that processes a rotogravure printing by engraving a reversed image into a thick metal cylinder.


Basically, an engraving is filled with ink before being pressed to transfer onto a PET, OPP, nylon, PE film, label, or package. There is a printing unit for each color on a rotogravure printing press; typically CMYK, cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (printing terminology for black).


The number of unit varies depending on which color is required to produce the final image.







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