Special Substrate

Hsing Wei machine specialist of critical substrate solutions is your partner for the conception and realization of complete line.


Thanks to its solid experience in the process of all kind of substrate (plastic films, paper, coating and lamination equipment, composite material…etc), Hsing Wei machine is able to offer you a turkey solution integrating technologies which are adapted to the various industries requirements. 


We have the know how to integrate several processes (coating, laminating, printing and / or other material transformation, roll to roll solution, pre-print register) in a complete project through privileged partnership with various advanced suppliers. 


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Special Substrate

Suitable Products

  • PET 4.6 Thickness PET 4.6 Thickness
  • PE Breathable Film PE Breathable Film
  • Aluminum Foil Lids Aluminum Foil Lids
  • Water Transfer Print Water Transfer Print
  • Heat Transfer Print Heat Transfer Print
  • IML (In Mold Labeling) IML (In Mold Labeling)
  • Wood Grain Limitation Wood Grain Limitation
  • Medical Packaging Medical Packaging
  • Hair Colors Box Hair Colors Box
  • Folding Carton Folding Carton
  • Beer Label Beer Label
  • Tobacco Tipping Paper Tobacco Tipping Paper

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Specialized in water transfer printing, PE breathable printing, Aluminum Foil Lids printing, Wood Grain Limitation printing, Medical Packaging printing, Hair Colors Box printing, Folding Carton printing (pre-print), beer label printing suppliers. As a professional rotogravure printing machine manufacturer, we can provide comprehensive rotogravure printing line for our customers all over the world such as rotogravure printing, ELS sectional drive rotogravure machine, and more.

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