Sanitary Packaging

Sanitary Packaging PE film, full name of Polyethylene,

the most simple structure of the polymer compounds,

the world's most widely used polymer materials, the ethylene polymerization,

according to the density were divided into high density polyethylene,

medium density polyethylene and low density polyethylene. Such as, baby diaper

& feminine hygiene packaging.

Sanitary Packaging

Suitable Products

  • Baby Diaper Baby Diaper
  • Female Napkin Female Napkin
  • Adult Diaper Adult Diaper
  • Tissue Bag Tissue Bag
  • Carrier Bags Carrier Bags
  • PE Breathable Film PE Breathable Film
  • PE Sanitary Bag PE Sanitary Bag
  • Wet Tissue Wet Tissue
  • Kitchen Towels Kitchen Towels
  • Cotton Rounds Cotton Rounds
  • Garbage Bag With Logo Garbage Bag With Logo

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